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CaptainU News for All Sports



University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Bielema Attends ESPN's SEC 'Car Wash' 07/22/14

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Seattle Storm Signs Waltiea Rolle 07/22/14

Radio CaptainU: What is flow? With best-selling author Steven Kotler. 07/21/14

Action shot of the day: Mid-air splits 07/21/14

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Lopez In The Lead In Canada 07/23/14

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona Announces Women's Soccer Schedule 07/22/14

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

UNC News & Notes In Major League Soccer 07/22/14

Fairleigh Dickinson University, Metropolitan Campus

Schuster Named Head Women's Lacrosse Coach at Moravian 07/22/14

Highlight video of the day: Epic game winning goal in OT 07/22/14

Western Carolina University

Whee Work In July! 07/23/14

Highlight video of the day: Hitting a 3 07/17/14

Central Connecticut State University

Greg Collucci Named Assistant Coach 07/23/14

Benedictine University (Illinois)

BenU Men's Soccer Adds 14 For 2014 07/22/14

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

GoHeels TV: James & Johnson 07/22/14

University of North Carolina, Asheville

Incoming Freshman To Play In All-Star Game 07/22/14

Columbia University-Barnard College

Hall of Fame Series: Al Barabas '36CC 07/22/14