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With the right mindset and the right tools, you can accomplish great things. We’re here to empower you with the best tools to make a college team. Our tools are battle tested. More than a million athletes and college coaches have used them to succeed.

  • CaptainU Works

    Since 2008, more than a million athletes and college coaches have used CaptainU.

  • We Believe in Self Marketing

    We’re not an agent. We don’t promote teams or players. Instead we provide tools that make it easy to connect.

  • Transparent, Affordable Pricing

    Our prices are clear, listed on our website, and the same for all customers. You can try it for free, upgrade if you like, and cancel at anytime.

  • We Know What It Takes

    We played or coached at places like Princeton, Wesleyan, Northwestern, Chicago, Cal, and Texas. We know what it takes. In fact, we wrote the book on it, which you can download for free.

  • A Single Network

    We believe athletes should have software that talks to the software coaches use, and vice versa. This saves everyone a ton of time.

  • We're Accountable To You

    We’ve built our business over 8 years without outside investors like the venture capitalists that own our competitors. That means we work for you: our customers.

Meet Some of Our Members

Athletes have used CaptainU to make the team at Division I giants, small, highly selective DIII colleges, and everything in between. The name on front of the jersey is nice, but what matters most is whether it’s a good fit for you.

"CaptainU was a fantastic site. I signed a volleyball scholarship and used this site exclusively. I found the site to be VERY easy to use. The communication was fantastic. The price was very reasonable."

Testimonial haley

"Aren will be playing at a DI school next year! It was a great experience! We received a lot of views and responses from potential coaches. I will def be looking you guys up when my 12 year old is ready!"

Aren's Mom, Karen
Testimonial aren

"I have committed now and must say that it’s bittersweet to leave CaptainU… it’s been a journey and CaptainU was part of it! Overall… we recommended CaptainU and would do so again."

Testimonial shannon


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CaptainU recruiting software for athletes makes it easy to manage your entire recruiting experience in one place. Sign up for free or upgrade to one of our paid plans, which start at $19.95/month. There’s never a contract.

  • Show Who You Are

    Build a profile with all your stats, pictures and videos. It’s a resume for recruiting.

  • Find Colleges That Fit

    Learn about colleges and build a list of schools that fit academically, socially, and athletically.

  • Track Your Progress

    CaptainU checklists help you understand where you stand. All your correspondence is in one place, organized by team.

  • Build Relationships

    Use CaptainU to send and receive messages with any coach in the country, even those who aren’t members.

  • Track Coach Activity

    Find out which colleges are looking at your profile, finding you in searches, reading your emails, and adding you to watch lists.

Product athlete 1
Product coach 2

College Coaches

Get Started for Free

CaptainU recruiting software saves college coaches time and money. Manage your recruits, find new ones, prep for events, and build relationships all in one place. All for a fraction of the price recruiting software has cost in the past. Sign up for free or upgrade to one of our paid plans, which start at $199/year.

  • Complete Recruiting Software

    Manage your entire recruiting pipeline in one place. Categorize your recruits however you like. CaptainU fits your process.

  • Search for New Athletes

    Discover a world of CaptainU athletes who fit your needs. Easily add CaptainU athletes to your database with no data entry.

  • Send, Receive, Organize

    Send stylish bulk emails, individual messages, and texts. CaptainU automatically files the messages you send and receive with each recruit’s profile.

  • Manage Compliance

    Compliance reporting shouldn’t require any extra work. On CaptainU, compliance reports build themselves.

  • Get Insights To Improve

    CaptainU analytics give you better insight into how you’re doing with recruiting than anything you’ve seen before.

  • Market Your Camp

    Promote your ID camp to CaptainU athletes and find your next great player.

Product coach 2

Event Directors

Make it easy for athletes and college coaches to connect at your tournament or camp. With the press of a button, create your player profile book or share information through CaptainU Playerbook for iPad. Promote your event to the entire CaptainU network.

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Youth Coaches

Sign up for a CaptainU event, build a team profile, and help the athletes on your team make a college team.

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We're Your Biggest Fans

We’ve been athletes. We’ve been college coaches. We’re parents. We’re fans. And we’re here to help you succeed.


Meet our support team: Avi, Jeff, Megan, Emily, Eric, and Anne.

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