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"Malia is an amazing athlete and works hard to excel at lacrosse. She is a team player and works to help herself and her team to do the best that they can. She is new to the sport of Lacrosse but you would never know it. She started it over the summer 2012 with once a week practices and is already considered a member of the team. With the right coaching and hard work she will be amazing. If you would like more info on Malia just let me know. Denise"

"Malia, a junior in high school, is a natural born athlete who exhibits superior abilities. In the past, she has exceled in both gymnastics and earned a second degree black belt in Tai Kwondo. While she is a team player, she always strives to achieve her personal best in every sport she partakes in. Recently she has developed a passion for Lacrosse. She has dedicated herself to becoming one of the women's best players in the state. She will meet this goal because of her commitment to sports."

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