Riley Ries

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Class of 2015
Height 5'6"
Weight 135
Date of Birth June 8, 1996


Riley Ries Softball Class of 2015


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    Riley, playing at The University of Chattanooga stadium, at Nationa...

Coach Endorsements

Dan Cole

Head Coach, Ohio Ice travel team

charlie ries

Asst. coach, Ohio Ice Blue 16U

Pete Zaccari

Head Coach - Womens Basketball, Walsh Jesuit High School

Athlete Endorsements

Mike Rahach

"Riley leads by example. She will back her teammates as well as support them through good times and the tougher moments. She exhibits great focus and is never intimidated at the plate by the best of pitchers."

paul haywood

"Riley is one the the most well rounded athletes I have ever known. whether she is on the ball field on the basketball court or in the class room she puts 150% effort into the task at hand. She has intangibles that very few athletes have today , integrity, honesty and morals. Which ever college is is furtunate enough to have her, they will be getting one of the hardest working and knowledgeable athletes out there. She will definetly be an asset to which ever college she decides to attend "

Taylor Stimson

"Riley leads by example. She is a great competitor who doesn't let anything or anyone get in the way of her dream. She is a great catcher capable of throwing even the quickest runner out on the base path. Runners learn not to take their chances stealing on her. She also has an extremely strong bat.She works the count and almost always finds a way on base whether its with her discipline or the way she strokes the ball. She is always looking to improve her game and is supportive on and off the field"

Kay Piper

"Riley Ries is one of the most hardworking, dedicated and disciplined players. She is a quiet force who leads her team by example. Her abilities exhibited as a catcher, thirdbase and DP spill well over into her life and schoolwork off the field. She always reaches out to improve her herself or to gain an upper hand against her opponents. To sum it up - Riley would be a win for any team!!!!"


Years played 10 years
Bats Right
Throws Right


Things I Like To Do Basketball, Swimming, Hanging with travel teamates.
Favorite Player Jenny Finch
Favorite Team Ohio State Buckeyes
Favorite Band One Direction
Favorite Movie Blindside
Three People I'd Invite To Dinner President Obama, Lebron James, Zayn Malik
Favorite Quote I can do all things threw Christ that strengthens me
Favorite Book Hunger Games
Riley, playing at The University of Chattanooga stadium, at Nationals, going 2-3 for the game:)