Vanessa Gilles

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Class of 2016
Height 5'9"
Weight 150
Date of Birth July 23, 1998


Vanessa Gilles Skills Video


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Athlete Endorsements

Sam Spina

"I have had the pleasure of playing with and against Vanessa over the past couple years. I have seen her develop into an extremely motivated, well-rounded player and competitor. I know she has put an immense amount of effort into her skills, developing them through constant practice.This effort is evident in the mechanics of her swing and in her confidence on the field, whether it be in the outfield or at third-base. Whatever future team Vanessa plays for I can surely say she will succeed. "

Hayley Gazdik

"As one of Vanessa's teammates during the summer and rivals during high school season, I know that Vanessa is a respectful and motivated team player as a teammate and an opponent. She has an overwhelming love of the game and always works hard at practice and on the field. Vanessa is a very talented and dedicated player who any coach would be lucky to have on their team. "


Years played 11
Bats Right
Throws Right


Things I Like To Do Basketball
Favorite Player Pablo Sandoval
Favorite Team San Francisco Giants
Favorite Band
Favorite Movie
Three People I'd Invite To Dinner
Favorite Quote
Favorite Book Looking for Alaksa