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CaptainU Reviews from recent customers

CaptainU Softball Reviews - "Our experience with CaptainU was tremendous."

Our experience with CaptainU was tremendous. We first found out about CaptainU from a teammate who had nothing but great things to say about the website. We were looking for a way to get the recruiting process started in an economical way, instead of hiring a recruiter. After exploring CaptainU for a couple days, we thought that it would be the best way to get noticed by coaches. The ability to showcase my skills through stats, pictures and videos all in one profile was key to us deciding to use the website.

One of the features that we especially liked about the website is how we were notified when a coach emailed, viewed my profile or even watched my video. Within a few hours of uploading my profile, I was getting hits from coaches which made this experience exciting. The ability to email coaches directly and have outlines for how to write emails was extremely helpful in my recruiting process. Now, because of CaptainU, I will be attending [a top DIII school in Ohio] and playing on their softball team. I couldn't have ask for an easier way of being recruited because CaptainU did it all for me.

Thank you so much for everything you do for high school athletes and making their recruiting process that much easier!

- Erin

CaptainU Softball Reviews - "CaptainU made it easy"

"CaptainU organized and simplified the college recruiting process. It allowed me to easily and effectively showcase my skills and accomplishments. CaptainU made it easy to bypass the difficult task of trying to connect with each individual coach.

The biggest benefit to me was the ability to provide reference, statistic and video updates to several softball coaches at one time. CaptainU provides direct email to my list of coaches, and sends activity alerts when coaches access my profile.

After evaluating many schools to determine academic fit, CaptainU then helped me identify the best fit as a collegiate athlete. I highly recommend high school athletes use CollegeU to get the most out of their recruiting efforts!"

- Kara O.

CaptainU Baseball Reviews - "Over the last four years I have talked to so many parents and pushed Captain U on them"

"First of all I would like to thank you for the service you all provide at Captain U. My son, Beau, was blessed to be a two way starter for his high school baseball team since his freshman year. He holds several of the schools records right now. During his freshman year and his summer Team Elite team, we started to video, do showcases, and to promote him on recruiting web pages. We were testing out and using a few of them on the market. They were ok, there were some things I liked on one and things on another, but it wasn't until I ran across Captain U and looked it over, that I realized I found the recruiting tool that we were going to use the rest of his high school career. I liked the use of a "point" program in setting up his home page, it kept us on top of getting the most information on there for the scouts to preview. We also liked all of the updates when a coach looked at his page, and the suggestions and sample letters you offer to respond to those coach's. Those helped tremendously. Everything was so easy to set up, and once we got the hang of using all of the benefits Captain U offers, such as all of the college coaches emails and contact information you provide, and all of the college information helped searching for the right college for Beau. We were able to establish many contacts with several colleges, and he was offered several opportunities with many of them, but I would say the majority started with the contacts we made through Captain U. Over the last four years I have talked to so many parents and pushed Captain U on them, saying that your recruiting service is by far the best one out there, Hands Down! Beau was blessed to be offered, and accept a baseball scholarship to [a college in Georgia]!"

Thanks to you, and everyone there at Captain U for everything you do!"

- Mitch B.

CaptainU Volleyball Reviews - "CaptainU was a fantastic site"

"Hi... I wanted to let you know that CaptainU was a fantastic site. I signed a Volleyball Scholarship for 2013 and used this site exclusively. I found the site to be VERY easy to use. I also really liked that I could see that a coach had seen my profile and opened my emails. The communication was fantastic. The price was very reasonable."

- Haley A.

CaptainU Basketball Reviews - "I would recommend this website for any college recruiting"

"We have been using Captain U for about 1 1/2 years. My daughter's travel soccer coach recommended it when she was a sophomore in high school. We used it as a recruiting tool when she decided to play college sports. She was deciding between soccer and basketball. The website is very thorough and easy to navigate through. She updated her stats and personal information each season. We signed up for the MVP package so we could get more information on which coaches and colleges were interested in her. Captain U was a very beneficial tool to see this information and we would receive an email every time a coach was matched with my daughter. She received many personal emails and phone calls through this program from D2-D3 colleges. Even though my daughter has decided to play D2 college basketball, I would recommend this website for any college recruiting."

- Nicole E.

CaptainU Softball Reviews - "Another friend told me about Captain U, so I looked into it and wow, what a difference"

"I was initially lost when it came to recruiting for my daughter, Lexi , in her search for a college to continue her softball career, and had pretty much no clue as to where to start and what to do. I talked to some friends and one of them mentioned another recruiting agency, which I tried for awhile with not much success. Another friend told me about Captain U, so I looked into it and wow, what a difference. We immediately began getting coaches views, viewing her profile, video's etc. I loved how easy it was to set up her profile and upload video, pics etc. I think the main thing that I found to be of a big help was how every step was laid out and you could follow your progress daily. I liked being able to identify colleges we were interested in and then follow all the steps to get the maximum benefit. The steps were well laid out and the templates helped as well. Within a month we were getting emails and coaches asking for schedules so they could come see her play. Again, the "what next" list was very beneficial to keep track of whom we had contacted and which coaches had responded. Then good information on what to do next. We eventually got it narrowed down to 3 schools and now have received scholarship offers from all 3 and only thing left to do is make our decision. Thanks to Captain U this process became WAY easier than when we started, so thanks to you and I will definitely recommend to anyone I know going thru same process. In addition, the free profile is nice, but WELL worth it to upgrade to Varsity or higher so you can see whats going on and so much more. Thanks much."

- Vince H.

CaptainU Lacrosse Reviews - "CaptainU is one of the main reasons why I am playing lacrosse at the next level"

"In all honesty, CaptainU is a great tool for any recruit and I loved it. As stressful as the recruiting process is, CaptainU made it way easier on me as a prospective athlete. CaptainU helped me to organize what schools I talked to, how to contact coaches , what to say to them, the information about the schools, and even what schools viewed my profile. Without CaptainU I don't think I would be playing lacrosse at [a university in Pennsylvania] today. CaptainU is one of the main reasons why I am playing lacrosse at the next level."

- Tyler G.

CaptainU Soccer Reviews - "CaptainU is not just an option, it’s the answer"

“CaptainU has played a huge role in my college search and ability to be recognized and recruited by schools I had expressed interest in. As a testament to CaptainU, I have verbally committed to [a university in Virginia] to play soccer, which is a D1 program in the Big South Conference. Specifically, [the university] was able to find me through another coach that had seen my profile on CaptainU and passed my name along because he knew [the university] coaches were looking for specific position players. Trust me, talent alone will not get you recognized as you should be. CaptainU provides the avenue for colleges to view many more players and evaluate them for possible recruitment without having to spend tons of money and long hours on the road with recruitment efforts.

Although I have used several other recruitment programs, CaptainU by far is the best. Not only is it very easy to use, it's coach database has to be one of the most up to date and accurate on the market. CaptainU allows you to post pertinent information, generate e-mails to coaches, post pictures and even videos; which coaches seem to really like. I have literally had hundreds of college coaches view my profile and actually initiate correspondence with me based on my profile. This would not be possible otherwise and certainly not possible through coaches attending tournaments alone. Also, the information CaptainU provides on each college is amazing. Everything you need is right at your finger tips. I can honestly say I would not have the opportunities I have today if it were not for CaptainU. If you want to be recognized, you have to market yourself, and in my opinion CaptainU is the only legitimate and cost effective means to do it. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but I am now a believer. If you want to get recognized, CaptainU is not just an option, it's the answer.”

- Maria K.

CaptainU Lacrosse Reviews - "Captain U just guided me through the process from start to finish"

“I want to share with you some great news. Much of this is due to Captain U. I recently committed to [a university in Maryland]. He's why I'm writing you. As you must know, much of the recruiting work is done by parents, at least that's how it worked at my house. But after my Dad showed me that I could see coaches searching for my profile and looking at my emails, I totally got excited about the whole college thing. It was so easy and I would check it almost everyday. The best part was that Captain U just guided me through the process from start to finish...I didn't need by Dad anymore. It was easy to post anything news, pictures or video we had made. I have two younger brothers, I know they will also use the Captain U.”

- Nolan S.

CaptainU Softball Reviews - "Overall, I had a great experience using CaptainU"

“I liked the fact that CaptainU really highlighted my strengths and abilities on my profile page because it was organized so well. It allowed me to personalize my entire page into how I wanted coaches to perceive me. Some sites have a cookie-cut outline you need to follow, but CaptainU really lets you add whatever information you'd like via extra links, attachments, pictures or documents. I also really love the "Athlete Endorsements" section.

I've had the honor of playing for some amazing coaches and playing with great teammates that fortunately took the time to write about my abilities. I think it's great that there's a section for real people to comment on your skills because it can give college coaches an idea of how your peers and coaches thought of you. In addition, CaptainU is super user-friendly and free! There's an option to upgrade your account for maximum exposure, but it's definitely not required to spend a ton of money like other sites. I upgraded my account, and I absolutely loved everything about it.

I am currently attending [a university in Illinois] to study Biology/Chemistry, and I'm playing softball. I am really enjoying myself and having a great time! I am thankful to have had CaptainU to help expose my skills to the coaches here. Overall, I had a great experience using CaptainU. It's very easy to look up schools and email the coaches because CaptainU provides all that information for you. It was also amazing to see my profile site progress into a very well-put together site that I was proud of. I highly recommend CaptainU to my friends and anyone that is looking to pursue collegiate athletics.”

- Alyssa D.

CaptainU Baseball Reviews: "I’ve recommended CaptainU to every parent of a high school athlete that I come across"

“I enrolled my son in CaptainU to increase his exposure to colleges looking for a player like him. It really increased our awareness of how many schools are relatively close to us that we may never have considered otherwise. The ability to get a direct connection to real coaches was awesome; my son's correspondence to them actually yielded responses that were beyond form letters. You really can't beat getting looks from coaches, and having them all in one place was much better than trying to connect separately to each and every school. It was also great to be able to look at school details at a glance, to help us rule out those that weren't what he was looking for and narrow his focus to the ones more up his alley. The option to add updates remotely via phone were also cool, and it's a great tool for storing the game videos that coaches always want to see. I've recommended CaptainU to every parent of a high school athlete that I come across.”

- Nanci L.

CaptainU Soccer Reviews - "It certainly helped me find the college that I am going to be playing for next year"

“Thanks so much! My CaptainU experience was excellent! The one and only reason why I closed my account was because I am verbally committed to play at a college now, so I no longer need the account. I got my interest in a lot of schools through my CaptainU profile. It gave such great links to colleges but gave a great summary of them with details and facts that every student would be interested in. It is awesome how I could put pictures on there and I wish I had, but even videos so coaches can see people play. It's also neat how it gives colleges a clear history and background of each player. I always referred the colleges I was interested in to my account if they had not already checked it out. The updates and upcoming events I could list were nice and easy to do as well as letting any coach know where and when I would be playing. The "references" or input from friends, teammates, and coaches, was a fantastic way to truly show the viewpoints of different people for one athlete. It certainly helped me find the college that I am going to be playing for next year.”

- Veronica R.

CaptainU Soccer Reviews - "CaptainU can help you find that fit"

“Captain U was a very useful tool to help our family evaluate the education and athletic options for my daughter who is now a Freshman in college. She decided in her Junior year that she was going to play soccer beyond high school and club. Knowing this, I tried helping her narrow down the search by spending hours and hours on the internet; the task was, to say the least, overwhelming. That is when I found Captain U. In just a short time, Captain U very effectively and efficiently helped us narrow down the college choices based on what she wanted in a school. Now we had a manageable pool of potential options. Captain U helped navigate us through the recruitment process (which we nothing about) and put us in touch with college coaches. My daughter does not fit the mold for the prototypical college soccer player in physical size so this direct contact with the coaches turned out to be crucial in her being awarded an athletic scholarship. Throughout her senior year in high school, several coaches were able to view her in action through the Captain U connections. Without this connection and the very user friendly guidance of Captain U, we could not have made an informed decision on her future. I highly recommend this product to any student athlete who has the desire to continue to play their sport in college. ANY athlete, not just the supper athletes that are in line for full ride scholarships. There is a fit for everyone who has the desire to continue, Captain U can help you find that fit.”

- Rob G.

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