Meet Some of Our Members

Athletes have used CaptainU to make the team at Division I giants, small, highly selective DIII colleges, and everything in between. The name on front of the jersey is nice, but what matters most is whether it’s a good fit for you.

Testimonial mark

CaptainU was a gateway to opening up doors in the recruiting process. It helped coaches get a chance to view my film, accolades, and my academic progress. It also helped me get recruiting trips to visit my top three colleges. It was a major stepping stone in getting me to the next level. Thank you for helping me be able to follow my dreams to play collegiate lacrosse.

Mark Committed DII
Testimonial brenden

CaptainU provided the platform for coaches to review my profile, including video highlights, school & club background, etc. It made me aware of a wide variety of schools to look at and I was able to easily contact the schools I was interested in and follow-up with coaches. It also helped to organize my search and expose academics & athletics in one area for coaches to view.

Brenden Committed DIII
Testimonial karlie

CaptainU was helpful in establishing contact with many coaches during the recruiting process. It gave me a place to keep highlight film and coaches were able to click on my profile and view my videos. CaptainU was very helpful in identifying the colleges who were interested in me. All the college emails and information were at my fingertips to contact coaches of universities I was interested in. It was very beneficial and I would recommend to others.

Karlie Committed NWAC
Testimonial dean

I am starting to get a lot of attention, and just wanted to share this news with the CaptainU team! You guys have been my main source for my recruiting journey. You have answered my questions quickly, your tools are easy to use, and you’ve make this process enjoyable and productive.

Dean Active Recruit
Testimonial kenny

CaptainU helped me research both teams and the degrees offered by universities. Once I knew the schools I was interested in, CaptainU allowed us to catch the attention of the coaching staff and stay in contact with them. I love how easy it was to get in touch with a lot of folks, which helped us negotiate a scholarship when it came time.

Kenny Committed PCAC
Testimonial austin fox

CaptainU was a great vehicle for communicating with coaches. It was a catalyst to getting invited to camps and enabling coaches to find out more about my playing abilities and other coaches views. CaptainU opened the door for my tryouts where I earned my spot on the team.

Austin Committed DI
Testimonial adrien

CaptainU allowed me to showcase my skills with game footage and hitting lessons. It helped me by keeping my name and information out there for coaches to see. I was able to redefine my strengths and goals throughout the process for coaches to find me.

Adrien Committed DII
Testimonial alex

I was able to make contact with a lot of coaches through CaptainU. They reviewed my profile and invited me for a visit. I saw their beautiful campus and the rich tradition of academics and athletics that I wanted. The coaches spent a lot of time communicating with me on CaptainU and made me feel so welcome. I knew that was the college and the golf program for me.

Alex Committed DII
Testimonial mary

CaptainU helped tremendously with my athletic and academic goals! The application's communication tools were fast, easy, and efficient. In many cases, the coaches quickly responded with personalized emails, instead of being computer generated. I have recommended several people to join CaptainU since it helped me focus and understand what was important regarding the recruiting process.

Mary Committed DI
Testimonial ryan

Ryan got a response from his introduction email from four college coaches within hours of sending out the email. All four like what they saw and gave him very, very positive feedback. I am a real believer in your program now and have already recommended it to other fathers from Ryan’s team that got together tonight to discuss the upcoming season. They were also impressed with the results.

Ryan’s Father, Russ Active Recruit
Testimonial claire

CaptainU helped me research many schools in addition to getting exposure & communicating easily with several coaches. My account was great with keeping me posted on the type of schools that were interested in me and I got a lot of responses from college coaches. I received a scholarship at my number 1 target school! Thanks CaptainU!

Claire Committed DI
Testimonial meghan

CaptainU helped me reach out to coaches and create a thorough profile. This has been an incredible tool to search for which school to go to. Several coaches have contacted me, or I have contacted them, and CaptainU allowed this to happen. The site is simple to use, and very effective. I love the ability to have coaches post their comments and ratings, notify college coaches of past as well as upcoming events, and so much more.

Meghan Committed DI
Testimonial charles

CaptainU gave college coaches a place to review my achievements before and after they would come to see me. I was able to easily communicate with coaches, which led to visiting campuses and commiting to a team.

Charles Committed DII
Testimonial katie

By creating an active CaptainU account, I was able to direct coaches to see my profile and softball skills. The coach insider information (like emails) was very helpful and any school who took the time to look at my profile here or contact me was exciting. I am honored with the doors that were opened as a result of my CaptainU account.

Katie Committed DI
Testimonial jordan mageo

This was a great service. I received many inquiries from coaches and scholarship offers to play volleyball for their teams. Emailing coaches was easy and I never had to look up an address. By helping me stay organized with coach contacts, I was able to maximize my exposure as a potential recruit. I will and have recommended CaptainU to many of my friends who are getting ready to start the whole college recruiting process.

Jordan Committed DII
Testimonial mason

CaptainU was great exposure and provided connections to the schools I wanted to target. Coaches were able to view my profile, see my video, and ask for more information right from my account! The feedback I got from them increased my confidence to pursue playing a college sport. Thanks, CaptainU!

Mason Committed DII
Testimonial maggie

CaptainU was a great choice! It increased exposure to coaches and improved the organization of my academic and athletic information. The application kept me active while building a profile and seeing who was viewing it was a big help. Being able to distinguish flyer emails verses real interests helped my parents save time and money.

Maggie Committed DIII
Testimonial kevin

I'll be honest and tell you that you were not the only recruiting site we used, but CaptainU provided the best advice and platform to keep organized. The email recommendations were very helpful and gave me great ideas to get my name out there. By combining all my information in one place, coaches could watch my video, know my event schedule, and find all my academic information.

Kevin Committed DI
Testimonial jackson

CaptainU was great. They made it easy to find college coaches and that otherwise would have taken us months to research. Showing up in coach searches everyday was motivating and allowed me to see what schools needed pitchers.

Jackson Committed DI
Testimonial zachary

I didn't attend a DI high school so I had to find a way to get noticed by DI Colleges. CaptainU helped with reminders, kept me organized and provided me with websites so I could research the team and schools. Thank you CaptainU for helping me get noticed by many colleges!

Zachary Committed DI
Testimonial tia

I like what CaptainU had to offer. It allowed me to keep track of and manage my recruiting progress. It also gave me an avenue of communication with coaches and schools during times when they could not talk to me in person. Without the in-depth easy to follow instructions and advice I would never of had the opportunities that were presented to me and for that I am greatly thankful.

Tia Committed DII
Testimonial ursula

First of all thank you for what you do. We used your site throughout my daughters recruiting process and you were an integral part of her connecting with the coach that recruited her at a DIII school. We recommend CaptainU to any serious athlete planning on playing a sport in College!

Ursula's Dad, Ricardo Committed DIII
Testimonial elin

Fantastic tool, exactly what we had hoped it would be and enabled me to reach my goal! I was able to understand the process and stay on task. By giving me the opportunity to have my stats and events accessible to coaches, I had coaches emailing me and asking me to attend there camps and I signed to run at a DI school!

Elin Committed DI
Testimonial hunter

My recruiting process was very successful and I had several offers as a result of using CaptainU. I could tell that a lot of coaches use CaptainU and I had a lot of nice options.

Hunter Committed NAIA
Testimonial collin

CaptainU helped me stay motivated and share my athletic achievements with colleges all around the country! I was also able to narrow my college search by seeing what colleges were in need of a Goal Keeper. Thanks for you help.

Collin Committed DIII
Testimonial whitney

Whitney completed her Freshman year playing on a DI soccer team. She started every game, they won their league with an undefeated league record, and qualified for the NCAA tournament! CaptainU had everything to do with her success! THANK YOU!

Whitney's Dad, Marco Committed DI
Testimonial mackenzie

CaptainU was great for social networking and helped me in every possible way. I would have never been able to reach out to all these coaches, if it weren't for CaptainU. The university I commited to wasn't even on my radar as a potential opportunity and CaptainU changed that.

Mackenzie Committed DI
Testimonial christian

CaptainU provided a high quality forum that kept my son focused and in contact with many schools. We ended up with four offers, two of which were full scholarships. It is well worth it, and I tell all of the kids and parents I coach now about this website and to start as soon as they can!

Christian's Father, Gary Committed NJCAA
Testimonial ramona

CaptainU got my profile out there and let colleges see what I can contribute to their team. Having a respected platform for my profile was great when emailing coaches. I was even able to see that the school has the fields I wanted to study and earn a degree in so it worked out great!

Ramona Committed CCCAA
Testimonial brendan

CaptainU was great and gave me the ability to put myself out there and be discovered. It really helped me get past my fears of communicating with college coaches and gave me the framework to follow so I could achieve my goal of playing college sports.

Brendan Committed DI
Testimonial shannon

"I have committed now and must say that it’s bittersweet to leave CaptainU… it’s been a journey and CaptainU was part of it! Overal, we recommended CaptainU and would do so again."

Shannon Committed DIII
Testimonial cassidy

"I use my CaptainU account practically every day. It is my main tool for communicating with college coaches."

Cassidy Active recruit
Testimonial jonah

"Any athlete that is going through the recruiting process should keep their options open, and CaptainU helped me find colleges I didn't even know had teams!"

Jonah Committed DI
Testimonial jordan

"I was on another recruiting profile site last year with no success. From the time I created a CaptainU profile and sent emails, I started getting immediate response and feedback."

Jordan Active recruit
Testimonial patrick

"Having everything loaded on my CaptainU profile helped me keep the entire recruitment process organized. I was able to update and track my progress with each coach and monitor communication in one place."

Patrick Committed DI
Testimonial scottie

"The service was essential to recruiting. Particularly the notifications of when a coach opens and views profiles."

Scottie Committed DIII
Testimonial nicholas

"It's very easy to use, and allows you to not miss any information needed for recruiting."

Nicholas Committed DI
Testimonial haley

CaptainU was a fantastic site. I signed a volleyball scholarship and used this site exclusively. I found the site to be VERY easy to use. The communication was fantastic. The price was very reasonable.

Haley Committed DI