Raegan Fingerman

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Class of 2013
Height 5'6"
Weight 135
Date of Birth June 7, 1995


Please check out my skills video!


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Coach Endorsements

Perry Peterson

Head Softball Coach, Barrington High School / Barrington Hurricanes 18U

Athlete Endorsements

Perry Peterson

"Raegan Fingerman demonstrates characteristics of a great athlete through her constant and consistent work ethic directed towards the sport of fastpitch softball. Raegan takes all the private lessons to improve her game, works on those new skills to perfect them, and competes vigorously in game play to allow those skills to shine. Raegan continues to improve each and every day!"


Years played 5 years travel softball
Bats Right
Throws Right


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Status Updates

Looking forward to tonight's games! I am splitting time between first and second base, we are short a second baseman so I am happy to step up and help my team out and learn a new position as well! I play tonight at the Elgin Sports Complex in Elgin, Il at 6:30pm on Field #4 and again at 9:30pm on Field #4.

October 08, 2011 07:30

This coming weekend I will be playing for the Northern Ice 95 in the USA/ASA National Qualifier in Joilet, IL at Innwood Park. On Friday I will play at 9pm on Field #2 and 10:30pm on Field #2.

September 27, 2011 14:34