Raegan Fingerman
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1B, Catcher, Discus, Javelin, Pitcher, Shotput, Sprinter
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Barrington High School
3.1 out of 4.0
Reading, Writing, Math
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Athletic teams
Northern Ice 95
Outfield, Pitcher
Cray Allen
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Barrington High School Varsity
High School
Catcher, Pitcher
Perry Peterson
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Barrington Hurricanes
Perry Peterson
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Barrington High School Junior Varsity
High School
1B, 3B, Outfield, Pitcher
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BARRINGTON Typhoons 16
Brain Freese
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Recruiting Status
I have not committed to a college
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Coach endorsements
Athletic ability: 9/10
Leadership: 10/10
Team player: 10/10
Easy to work with: 10/10
Ability: "Raegan has worked exceptionally hard to develop the outstanding skills that she possesses today. As her coach, I am proud of Raegan's current accomplishments and realize her future performances will continue to surpass her present ones. Raegan's overhand throwing skills are some of the best in our program, with MPH topping out around 62. She is a consistent run producer in the middle of our order and hits in clutch situations consistently. First base is Raegan's primary position, yet she can help the team in many different positions, if needed. Raegan will be an impact player at the collegiate level."
Personality: "Raegan's passion for softball is evident. She arrives early and stays late to improve her skills. Raegan is an individual who has high expectations for both herself and her teammates. She knows what it takes to be successful and can relay that information to her teammates in a constructive manner. I enjoy working with Raegan because she is never satisfied with her game and is always looking for ways to improve her skills. In today's world, many athletes do not share that passion for the game. That's what makes Raegan the solution for our team's challenge to succeed in game situations. "

Athlete endorsements
"Raegan Fingerman demonstrates characteristics of a great athlete through her constant and consistent work ethic directed towards the sport of fastpitch softball. Raegan takes all the private lessons to improve her game, works on those new skills to perfect them, and competes vigorously in game play to allow those skills to shine. Raegan continues to improve each and every day!"

General statistics
5 years travel softball

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Status updates
Looking forward to tonight's games! I am splitting time between first and second base, we are short a second baseman so I am happy to step up and help my team out and learn a new position as well! I play tonight at the Elgin Sports Complex in Elgin, Il at 6:30pm on Field #4 and again at 9:30pm on Field #4.
This coming weekend I will be playing for the Northern Ice 95 in the USA/ASA National Qualifier in Joilet, IL at Innwood Park. On Friday I will play at 9pm on Field #2 and 10:30pm on Field #2.