We are CaptainU

More than 2 million high school athletes, college coaches, club coaches, and tournament directors use our tools to find each other, build relationships, and build championship teams.

Our Mission

CaptainU empowers more than 2 million high school athletes and colleges coaches to make and build college teams. We believe in you. We believe you’re the captain of your own ship. And we’re honored to build the tools you need to help you achieve your dreams.

  • Over 2,000,000 Athletes

    More than 2 million athletes use CaptainU to make themselves look great and promote themselves to college coaches

  • Over 5,000 College Coaches

    Coaches save time managing their recruiting from beginning to end.

  • Over 2,000 Event Directors

    More than 2,000 tournaments use CaptainU to promote their events to 100,000 youth teams and college coaches.

  • Over 100,000 Teams

    100,000 high school and club teams use CaptainU to help their athletes make college teams.

Our work has a big impact on the lives of young women and men, and we work to improve every day, with every customer. If you ever need help, want to give us a shout out, or feel like we’re falling short, please email us: help@captainu.com.

Our Philosophy

Our view has always been that college coaches want to hear from athletes directly and vice versa. We’re not agents, we don’t take an active role in recruiting, and we don’t advocate on behalf of any individual athlete or college team. Our focus is on providing tools that makes it easier for people to find each other, connect, communicate, and stay organized.

Avi CaptainU was founded in 2008 by Avi Stopper & Michael Farb. Their vision was to create an easier way for high school athletes and college coaches to connect with each other and build meaningful recruiting relationships.

Avi and Mike met at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Avi had played at Wesleyan, coached the University of Chicago men’s soccer team, and wrote the recruiting guidebook Make the Team.

Farb Mike was an athlete in high school and a software developer with a degree in computer science from Penn and a history of working on complex systems for Accenture.

Fuelled by sandwiches from the Medici on 57th, (honestly, is there a better sandwich in America???) and their respective interests and areas of expertise, CaptainU was born. It started with a bang. In the spring of 2008, CaptainU won the New Venture Challenge, the awesome startup competition at Chicago Booth. Over the years, we’ve been supported by some of the best startup organizations around, including: Chicago Booth, the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center, and the Colorado Technology Association.

We played or coached at places like Princeton, Wesleyan, Northwestern, Chicago, Cal, and Dartmouth. We know what it takes to make a college team. In fact, we wrote the book on it, which you can download for free.

Meet Our Team

Our team is a driven and diverse group of non-athletes and athletes, men and women, parents and young professionals, humorists and stoics, united by a desire to build a great company and great careers.

Our Culture

We think culture is about more than the normal startup trappings. It’s not about crazy benefits, free meals, and foosball (though we do have that stuff.) Rather, it’s about how we work individually and as a team. As we think about culture, we reflect on what day-to-day life is like for our employees and customers.

Unlike a lot of technology companies, CaptainU has never taken any outside capital. We’re fully bootstrapped and profitable. This makes a big difference for our customers and employees. It means that we’re accountable first and foremost to our customers, instead of investors whose primary focus is financial returns. It also means that we can constantly improve our working environment, even if a particular decision isn’t the best thing in the near-term for the bottom line.

We're Always Hiring

We're always on the lookout for top talent in software development, marketing, sales, analytics and customer service. We place a premium on building a diverse team of people who are interested in building something meaningful over time. We're not building a flash-in-the-pan venture backed company. We're building something that we hope will transform youth and college sports for decades to come.

Join Us

At CaptainU, experimentation and professional growth are not only supported and encouraged, they’re central to how we work and grow. As much as we exist to empower our customers, we’re also here to empower the people on our team to grow and build their careers.

  • Software Developers

    We look for loads of experience with Rails, Ember, and JavaScript. An interest in and fluency with the foundational tools in the Rails ecosystem, as well as new developments are a must. Meaningful open source contributions that we can review on Github are a huge plus.

  • Web Designers

    We believe that interactive design is best accomplished in the environment in which customers are going to experience it. To that end, we look for well-rounded designers who are excellent with user experience, visual design, and front end development. HTML and CSS are a must. JavaScript and Embedded Ruby are a nice to have.

  • Sales Pros

    We look for a proven ability to sell. At CaptainU, this includes all steps of a standard inside sales process: building a list of qualified leads, building relationships, and closing deals.

  • Marketers

    We look for data-driven marketers who are able to build and execute marketing campaigns and then measure them objectively. Along with the ability to write, fluency with MySQL, Optimizely, Google Analytics, and statistics are great skills to have.

  • Support

    Fast, empathetic support is a cornerstone of CaptainU. We look for support pros who are able to clearly articulate solutions to technical problems via email and phone. We also look for an ability to build content that helps our members better understand how to get the most out of CaptainU.

  • Interns

    We’re always looking for interns who are hungry to learn sales, marketing, and analytics.

You’re always welcome to apply for one of these positions by sending an email with relevant materials to info@captainu.com.

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We've been working remote since 2009. Our team is mainly in San Francisco and Denver, but we can be wherever you are.