CaptainU makes college recruiting easy
for athletes & counselors

400,000 athletes use CaptainU to make sure they're NCAA eligible, build a recruiting profile, find schools that are the right fit, and communicate with college coaches.

CaptainU also lets counselors see how their athletes are progressing, what schools they're focused on, and where they need help. Advising college-bound athletes has never been so easy.

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Here's how it works

CaptainU builds a list of NCAA core courses at your school, which is accessible through Naviance Succeed and Family Connection

Your athletes plan their curriculum, understand what's required of them, and explore different core course GPA and test score scenarios

CaptainU creates a status report for each athlete in your Naviance Succeed account, helping you ensure that all your athletes are on the right track

Athletes monitor their status through Family Connection, which reduces anxiety and makes the eligibility process straightforward